Treffler harrow, for clean fields

The Treffler tine harrow is unrivalled in precision mechanical weed control for all your vegetable and field crops. Treffler blind harrowing, within the crop row, gentle in the earliest stages and more aggressive throughout the growing season.

With the Treffler harrow you can keep your crops clean.

Treffler unequaled characteristics

  • Each tine, regardless of the height and individually, adapt to the contour of the field and maintain equal downward pressure- especially effective weed control in uneven terrain, beds and ridges, no digging
  • The entire ridge is combed with preset patented tine pressure that remains constant, making it possible to harrow very gently or more aggressive
  • Treffler delivers custom-made machines specifically for your needs, from sizes 0.5 up to 30 meters ( 2-100 foot), light yet strong, no heavy tractors needed

Flexible and easy adjustment of the tine pressure

  • Tine pressure adjustable from 100 g to 5000 g ( 0,25-11 lbs), weed control at all stages
  • Also available with 7000 g springs( 15 lbs) for more aggressive harrowing
  • Largest tine-pressure setting on the market, indispensable weeding in all stages, in transplants and in all soil types
  • Hydraulic tine-pressure adjustment, optimal and easy from on board your tractor
  • Treffler harrows can be fitted with an automatic depth control, simply mounted on any Treffler harrow, also on older types

Treffler durability, a quality machine with little maintenance 

  • Laterally stable tines, do not deviate, always keep their course, no unworked spaces or strips, no double action of tines
  • Close tine spacing, 2,7 mm (1”), for lots of contact points to catch weeds
  • Available with hard metal carbide steel tines, for extra durability in abrasive soils, remain sharp 9x longer
  • Special tine design, no jams, residue on the field passes through quick and easy 
  • Tine length 500 mm is ideal for combing the higher crops
  • Various tine angles are available, for even more accuracy in different types soil and depending on your crop

When to use?

  • Creating a false or stale seedbed
  • Harrowing in the pre-emergence stage
  • In all stands from emergence to full maturity, full clearance harrowing
  • In young transplants
  • Corn from the two-leaf stage
  • Soya, potatoes, peas, cereals, grasslands etc.
  • Sugar beets from the two-leaf stage
  • All vegetables
  • Great for breaking open a crust

Treffler for all farmers great and small. 
In one year, you have earned back your investment.