Treffler TS Precision Tined Harrow

Johs Mertz - Treffler harveSERIES TS130 – TS1820 (4 ft. to 60 ft.) 3-pt mounted
Treffler has been at the forefront of mechanical weed control for more than 15 years. The Treffler tine harrow is unrivaled in quality and precision, managing the weeds in all your vegetable and field crops. Treffler understands the art of harrowing: allowing you to start gently and harrow more aggressively throughout the growing season. You can rely on the Treffler harrow for accuracy, especially in the early stages. With the Treffler harrow you get the job done. The Treffler precision tined harrow is available in various models with working widths of 11.30 m (4 ft.) to 30 m (60 ft.). The well-equipped standard machine can be upgraded with a hydraulic or electronic tine pressure adjusting system and the Treffler sowing system. Treffler Precision Tined Harrow for resilient ecosystems and environmental and people friendly technology, weed control in all situations!

Treffler TGA Precision 3-point cultivator

Johs Mertz - Treffler harveSERIES TGA300 – TGA430 (10 ft- 14 ft)
The Treffler TGA precision cultivator is the best alternative for chemicals. The precision adjustable working height with the special designed sweeps allow you to cut everything with minimal disturbance in your soil. The Treffler cultivators are the ideal system that supports no-till farming the whole year round. Back to black!

Treffler TSW Roller Cutter

Johs Mertz - Treffler harveThe Treffler TSW300 (10 ft) roller cutter to reduce your cover crops, corn stubble or rape.
Choose the Treffler TSW for reducing cover crops and crop residues. In combination with our Treffler TGA Cultivator, The TSW cuts the stubble short, 1cm (0.4 in) above the surface and the TGA with its easy adjustable depth and 8cm (3.5 in) overlapping sweeps allow to cut everything with minimal disturbance in your soil.

Treffler TINY Harrow Series

Johs Mertz - Treffler harveTreffler TINY Harrow Series
Environmental and people friendly agricultural technology makes us optimistic for a better future for everyone that wants to grow their own food. The TINY Treffler Series includes a hand drawn harrow with a working width of 80cm (2ft 7in), 100 (3ft 4in) and 130cm (4ft 3in). All these units are optionally attachable with a 3-pt hitch to a tractor. The TINY Series includes a TSHonda, a TSSolar and a TSHorse. Contact us for more information on these products.

Treffler TF Spring-Tooth Cultivator

Johs Mertz - Treffler harveSERIES TF300 – TF750
Treffler precision spring-tooth cultivator with levelling tines – perfect soil preparation for weed-free crop production from Spring until Autumn. The Treffler precision spring-tooth cultivator is available in various models with working widths of 3.00 m to 7.50 m. With innovative and patented flat steel spring tines for excellent level adjustment, preventing lateral deflection of the tines. The all-season machine is widely used for sowing preparation, stubble removal, weeding and liquid manure incorporation as well as for cover crop sowing.

Treffler TKS Sowing Machine

Johs Mertz - Treffler TKS Sowing MachineTreffler TKS 2 - component sowing machine
For optimal placement depth, dosage and plant distribution on the surface of mixed cultures/ batches

Treffler TG Precision Cultivator

Johs Mertz - Treffler harveSERIES TG300 – TG720 (10 ft- 23.6 ft)
The Treffler TG precision cultivator is a heavy-duty, semi-carried cultivation tool with an accurate cut that you can precisely adjust at a shallow height as little as 2 cm. Unique tillage tools the whole year round available with a variety of self-cleaning waltz/ roller depending on your type of soil. Can be equipped with standard and twin-sowing equipment. Because the cultivation is shallow, a lightweight and less powerful motorized tractor is sufficient.

Treffler TH Precision Hoe

Johs Mertz - Treffler harveSERIES TH180 – TH900 (6 ft – 29.5 ft)
Choose the treffler hoeing system for effective weeding between the rows – the cost-effective solution for maize, soy bean and cereals. The power is in its simplicity.

The Treffler precision hoe is used for mechanical weed control between crop rows. It is available as a rear or front attachment, or as a combined rear/front attachment. The deflection and scatter plates forming a parallelogram-shaped assembly are individually attached to the profile frame construction (known from the successful TF series), using a specially devised clamping mechanism. Thanks to this special design, the machine can be adjusted as needed to the crop row width. The flexibly mounted spring teeth (known from our TF series) are equipped with special blade coulters and work the soil between the deflection and scatter plates. They are designed to prevent blockage and are self-cleaning. The Treffler hoes are thus able to break up even heavily crusted soils. The crop is thereby protected by the scatter plates.
The standard machine includes two levellers that can be adjusted in height and are flexibly mounted behind the deflection and scatter plates to the left and right. They spread the uprooted weeds and level the loose soil. They can also be used to bank up the crop rows. The machine comes with supporting wheels with ball bearings as standard.
As they can be adjusted in height, they allow for precision depth guidance of the coulters. A special model with reinforced teeth is also available.